Azeem2000 Clonetrooper Helmet Tutorial

This is a work in progress.

A lot of thanks has to go to Dean. His work on the Clonetrooper Commander is nothing short of beautiful. Give his page a look for even more ideas for converting your helmet.

I am using the Kellogg's Clonetrooper helmet as my base. The Rubies helmet is too small for me and is not as modifiable as this helmet. The Kellogg helmet is too shallow for my head (7 5/8), so it needs to be extended.

First, I removed all the velcro. I pulled the helmet back about 1" so 7 slots are now visible. Using thin plastic ( ~ .08 styrene) I glued strips in between the gaps (Image 2,3).

Helmet Lens

I do not like the original lens and I am going to replace it with a new plexiglas one. Remove the original visor from the face plate (Image 4). The plastic is very thin and will split if not done carefully. Cut the extra plastic with a dremel and then finish with fine sandpaper.

Ear Hole

This is part I hated the most. Cut 4 patterns out of thin steyrene. Cut an earhole in two of the pieces where it should be. Glue each piece to an uncut piect. Now the earpiece can be glued on the helmet.

Square Hole

I do not know why they put this in the original helmet but it needs to be covered. I originally tried Bondo closing the hole but didn't like the result. I now just covere it with a piece of styrene. Create a pattern of the entire section on the back of the helmet. Cut two pieces of styrene to match. You may need to fine cut to fit it over the section, including the hole. Glue the new plastic down and bondo fill the edges.

Helmet Fin

The fin on the helmet is incorrect and needs to be replaced. You have two methods to fix it. You can glue a new fin over the existing one (Dean's method) or remove and replace the fin completely (Image 6). Use an exacto knife and cut the fin out where the plastic turns up from the helmet to the fin. You can make a pattern of the helmet shape by placing a piece of paper perpendicular to the helmet. Trace the helmet shape with a pencil.

Create the fin sides from this template. Glue the fins to a base of the thin styrene wider than the hole. Glue another strip on the top of the fin. You can finish the fin by gluing the back as well. Don't glue the red lens on the back of the fin yet. This will be done at the end. You will need to glue a couple of strips of Sintra on the edges of the top to make the rails. Sand the rails to give a rounded edge.

Helmet Filler

Use standard bondo filler for the outside dome. This part takes a long time so just do it right. I covered the gaps completely and spread the rest thin. I used a sander with 220 grit to get the large chunks off first. Then I hand sanded with 80 grit to get a decent shape. I then went to 220 and 400 to feather the edges and smooth the top. The front of the fin is the hardest part. You want the fin to appear to be molded out of the helmet. Build up the bondo a little then shape it to match the fin angle.

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Helmet spacer

Helmet side

Helmet front

Fin Hole

Fin Inset

Fin in helmet from front

Fin insert from side

Primering the helmet

Primed Helmet


Lens and painted helmet

Helmet is done

Helmet done too