TIE Pilot Helmet
Oxygen Hose Installation

Here are some photos showing my mounting technique for installing
the oxygen hoses in a Don Post Collectors Series TIE Helmet

Initially, I used corrugated sump pump hose with a 1 1/2" diameter
You can get 20' of hose from the Sears hardware department for $7.00

However, I found that the hose did not allow my helmet to move when
connected to the chest box. So I switched to 1 1/4" diameter split loom
cable management hose (basically the same thing, the hose is cut open

This is definitely more flexible, and you can't notice the seam if you
position the hose carefully. But because the new hose was smaller,
it kept popping out of the helmet holes. Poop!

Then I came up with the following mounting method:

Overall view
TIE Helmet Hoses Installed

Using some spare plastic, cut out the locking tabs 2" by 1/4"
Be sure to round off the corners to help them fit into the hose

If you are using the sump pump hose, cut it lengthwise to allow more flexibility
Follow the molding seam, and be sure not to twist the hose as you are cutting

Using a sharp hobby knife, cut two slots in the hose for the mounting tabs
Be sure to leave a few segments at the end of the hose
Test fit the mounting tabs in the hose
 - They should be snug
 - You don't want them falling out

Slot cut into the hose
TIE Helmet Hose Mounting Slot

Drill out the holes in your helmet to allow the hoses to pass through
Drill a small hole first, then enlarge it to accomodate your hose

Components ready for mounting
TIE Helmet Hosees Detached

Push the hoses into your helmet, then slide the locking tabs into their slots
Be sure the split is towards the bottom of your helmet (you don't want it to show, right?)

Hose and tabs installed and connected
TIE Helmet Hoses Installed 2

Give the hoses a good tug to see if they're locked in

So now you're wondering, "How did you attach the hose to your chest box?"
That was easy... Just keep the hose in one piece, and run it straight through!
Of course, make sure the chest box is in the middle of the hose
This will help to ensure the hose is perpendicular to the box when it exits

Helmet and Chest Box
TIE Helmet with Chestbox

Now take off you hoser!!!