Here is the information I clipped from one of his emails on how they made the armor:

(again note that I did not create any of this...)

"Why fight on the front lines when you can have a clone do it for you? Clone Troopers made up the brunt of the Republic fighting force during the Clone Wars and a clone trooper's combat armor is the basis of a fully integrated defensive system." 

"Our re-creation of the Clone Troopers combat armor consists of 24 form fitting fiberglass armor pieces, helmet, utility belt, flex armor boots and a black spandex form fitting body glove. Creating the fiberglass clone trooper helmet and armor is an involved and complicated process but the end results far exceed those achieved with some ABS armor in our opinion. The process we used for building our fiberglass clone trooper helmet and armor is outlined in the following steps below and was made by professional prop designers."

"The individual helmet and armor pieces were first rough carved in foam by machine using a "RealScan" imaging system for correct size and shape, and overhead image projection comparison for correct scale. The rough foam armor pieces are then hand carved with finer details and covered with a fiberglass hard-coat shell. After the fiberglass shell has cured, the carved foam pieces are removed from the shell with a dissolving agent. The remaining hollow fiberglass shell is hand finished further with finer details and thickness added to make the armor mold prototypes look exactly like the clone troopers seen in the movie. Negative molds are then made of the finished armor prototypes and fiberglass casts are made to reproduce the final armor pieces. Each piece of finished fiberglass armor has a white fiberglass gel coat cast directly into it and can be custom finished to any specification."

"This fiberglass armor is approximately 1/4"-3/8" inch thick, lightweight and strong. The chest armor, knee, elbow and cod pieces are adjustable and feature an interior lip for a seamless look. The adjustable utility belt features two functional front ammunition boxes with removable lids for storing small items like keys, wallet, cameras, etc. The helmet, shin, thigh, forearm and bicep armor pieces are each cast in one piece (NO ASSEMBLY OR GLUING REQUIRED). This suit will fit most adult males up to 6 feet 3 inches tall. However, custom armor sizing and finishing (rank color coding, battle damage, etc.) is available for an extra charge. We can also custom create any prop, character, or vehicle including but not limited to full-size 1:1 scale mechanical props."



Click on the images to view them in their full size. 

I have reversed the order so if you want to see the process in the making start with the pictures at the bottom.

Step 8

A Finished Carbon-Scored Helmet:

Step 7.5

The Fiberglass Helmet (painted - note: Red Captain helmet - and finished, but missing the visor lens and mouthpiece):

Step 7

The Fiberglass Helmet (before final sanding and casting):

The Fiberglass arm pieces (before final sanding and casting):

Check out the final (yet still dirty) armor prototypes!!!:

Check out these awesome boots!:


Step 6

The Fiberglass Helmet (with fine details added):

The Fiberglass Elbow Piece:

The Fiberglass Cod Piece:

Step 5

The Fiberglass Upper Section:

The Rough Fiberglass Leg Pieces:

Step 4

The Fiberglass Helmet Shell (with collar and details):

Step 3

The Rough Fiberglass Helmet Shell (no collar):

Step 2

The Foam Helmet:


Step 1

The Rough Foam Helmet Piece:

The Rough Foam Arm Pieces:

The Rough Foam Leg Pieces:

The Rough Foam Torso Pieces:


Please note, that I am not the creator of any of the objects seen here, so please don't ask for additional pictures of these "stages" as I will not be able to provide them.  These are the pictures I got while waiting for my armor to show up.

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